DAILY RECAP – DEC. 21, 2014


Miami Beach, Fla. – Hi:  79ºF   Lo:  70ºF   Sunny

Provo, Utah – Hi:  45ºF   Lo:  35ºF   Rain
Memphis, Tenn. – Hi:  54ºF   Lo:  43ºF  Partly Cloudy


BYU and Memphis each conducted final walk-thru’s this afternoon at Marlins Park.



“Never abandon a teammate in need” is what the Critical Care Code of Honor reads in the corridor to the Miami Baptist Children’s Hospital intensive care unit; and that is exactly what several players from the BYU and Memphis football teams set out to do this morning. Accompanied by cheerleaders from both teams and the BYU mascot, Cosmo the Cougar, the players visited the rooms of local children who have been hospitalized for various reasons, treating them as one of their own. Children’s eyes lit up with excitement as Cosmo the Cougar showed off his signature breakdance moves in the hospital hallways. Young boys were awestruck as these larger than life players when they entered their rooms bearing gifts and words of encouragement, as were the young girls with the pom-poms waving cheerleaders.

“This is living up to my dream, coming out to Miami, enjoying the beautiful weather and the beautiful scenery, getting ready to prepare for a bowl game, and not forgetting about the people who are not as fortunate as us,” said Memphis Linebacker Charles Harris, who was one of the players handing out backpacks full of goodies.

Harris continued regarding the humbling factor that the visit provided the team members, “It’s hard to be sad in a place like Florida with all of the sunshine, just to bring a little light to these kids that are in the hospital actually brings more light to our day. Coach Fuente said that this would be one of those experiences that you are going to walk away from feeling a lot better about yourself, and he was definitely right.”

“I have been to a couple of bowls before and Miami certainly hasn’t disappointed. It has been a great opportunity to come to the hospital and give back to a little perspective to each of our lives,” said BYU Quarterback Taysom Hill, who was an early season Heisman trophy hopeful prior to a season ending knee injury.

According to hospital staff, several other teams had visited the hospital in past years, but this was the first time that two opposing teams came together on the same day with the common goal of bringing cheer to the children’s lives during their difficult period.


Bands, fans, mascots and cheerleaders from both BYU and Memphis invaded the world-famous Clevelander Hotel on South Beach for the Last Blast Pep Rally this afternoon. The BYU Cougar Marching Band started things with a enthusiastic performance, followed by a dazzling showing by the Memphis ‘Mighty Sound of the South Marching Band.’

Media Schedule for Monday, Dec. 22


Forecast: Miami Beach, Fla. – Hi: 81ºF   Lo: 71ºF   Partly Cloudy  

Kickoff: 2:05 p.m. (ET)

Television: ESPN

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